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February, 2014

  1. Expository Writing

    February 11, 2014 by Lake

    Basketball is enjoyable, dibble… dibble… dribble, crossover, run! Yelled the coach. He shoots… He scores! Basketball can be a fun sport to play.
    To begin with, basketball is enjoyable for people who want to bond friendships. When teams were made you start to learn what the people your working with are like. A majority of the time the people you know on the court aren’t the same off the court. This is when you find out who the people you know are the same person and just as much your friend. The love of the game and the search for friendship make this game so enjoyable.
    In addition basketball is a sport that many people fall in love with since they were kids. There’s something about the game that catches peoples hearts. It seems like when people play basketball, it changes their personality. If you keep your cool and listen to your coach, you’ll be just fine in the basketball word. In life you have to learn things from other people and many people will learn from you. Whether you like basketball or not you got to love the players and caches heart and desire for the game.

  2. Colorado

    February 8, 2014 by Lake

    A nice cool air breeze filled with crisp oxygen that is very difficult to catch. Almost as if a cornerback is guarding you the receiver trying to catch the air as if it was a football. You can feel your lungs inhaling every breath, as if your lungs are feasting on fresh, clean air that many lungs will never experience. The altitude builds your stamina and lungs so greatly that you feel like you can inhale an entire cloud. When you ski/snowboard down the mountain your adrenaline rises to max feeling the windchill from the steepness of the hill. It was a great time to be with my family. We all got to ski/snowboard together and experience memories that put an image that last for a lifetime.

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